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Girl Talk 

Girl Talk is a monthly gathering of young ladies that range in age from 3 to 18. We discuss a wide variety of topics, the ways in which they affect us and solutions to resolving  any issues that they pose. The goal is to spark dialogue and foster a sense of sisterhood.  



Cultural Awareness​

To be African requires action. We do our best to include cultural aspects in every way. We encourage the learning of  KiSwahilli (the most wide spoken African language on the continent) and the practice of rituals and customs.


Asafo Brotherhood 

The Asafo Brotherhood is a mentor-ship for young men containing the components of "Soldier Stories" and "Soldier Studies". The young men are encouraged to conduct themselves in a positive manner and learn beneficial life skills.  


Health & Wellness

The gift of good health is one of the best things that we can give to ourselves. Village Life FL, Inc. strives to provide information, and resources that help to promote health and wellness in a natural and  holistic manner.

Saturday School 

Our Saturday School program is intended to teach our children all of the things that they will never learn in school. Using the knowledge and great accomplishments of our ancestors we encourage our young people to learn the truth about who they truly are.





It is our goal to actively involve ourselves in the community through volunteering & community service. We understand that "Many hands make light work." and are always willing to extend our hands to assist with projects that align with the Mission of Village Life, Inc.

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